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Bronchitis and Smoking

Bronchitis and smoking are often associated with each other. When you smoke, your bronchial tubes get irritated and it happens each time you take a puff on that cigarette

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Bowel Cleansing with Aloe Gel

Bowel cleansing rids your bowels of harmful body toxins. It improves your small intestines' absorption of nutrients

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Body Cleanse and Nutrition

Body cleanse products are available in a wide variety in the market today. These and supplements for your nutrition are shown here for you to choose from.

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Body Cleansing and Detox Questions/Stories

Got questions and/or stories about body cleansing and detox? Send them here

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Bioactive Nutrients of the Aloe Vera Plant

Bioactive nutrients are plenty to be found in the aloe vera plant. These are anthraquinones, amino acids, enzymes, etc.

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