Bowel Cleansing With Aloe Gel

Bowel Cleansing With Aloe Gel

Bowel cleansing is important to your health. Doing it with aloe gel is in your best interest.

Imagine that there are dead rats collectively rotting inside your bowels. How would you feel?

It's an apt description, by the way, of the more than ten pounds of putrid, old fecal matter trapped inside your bowels.

Here's why bowel cleansing is essential to your health.

When you don't move your bowels properly, that tender, juicy tenderloin you just ate may stay inside your colon for days, weeks, and even months.

Old Fecal Matter Slowly Goes Putrid

It gives you bowel disorders and eventually poisons your entire system.

Your body is composed of different organs. Every organ in your body is composed of millions of tissues, every tissue in turn, is composed of billions of cells.

This intricate network of cells, tissues, and organs are nourished by nutrients in your bloodstream.

This rather complicated supply of nourishment enter your bloodstream through your small intestines.

Millions of little fingers, called villi, line up the inside wall of your small intestines and they are covered with cells. As food passes through the villi, the cells absorb nutrients.

Pesticides And Chemicals

But in today's world of fastfood, however, your diet most likely is rich with fat and grease. The onions and vegetables embedded in your hamburger and pizza can most likely be tainted with pesticides and chemicals.

These foods clog up your intestinal wall because they are difficult to absorb. As the chemicals and grease accumulate and cling to the villi, they clog the cells and prevent them from absorbing the necessary nutrients properly.

Sluggish Bowel Movement

Meanwhile, your digestive system produces a mucous substance which is excreted along with the other waste matter. Your diet, which is rich in processed foods and laden with preservatives but with no fiber content, prevent the proper elimination of the mucous substance.

When this happens, you get a sluggish bowel movement or even get constipated. Your colon walls gradually clog up, body toxins pile up and this leads to a toxic colon condition.

Why You Get Sick

Old and undigested fecal matter inside your big intestines is one of the leading causes why you get sick. The contamination of your intestines provides a way for toxins in your body to invade your bloodstream, tissues and organs.

This is why you need to do some bowel cleansing.

Today, there are hundreds of body cleanse products in the market that you can choose from.

A Good Bowel Cleansing Product Must Be Effective

  1. Cleanse your bowels of harmful body toxins
  2. Promote good digestion
  3. Improve your small intestine's absorption of nutrients
  4. Strengthen your immune system

Aloe gel does all of the above and that's why it's a very effective internal cleanser.

It's Because Of These 3 Components

  • Lignin: A deep-penetrating agent
  • Saponin: A water-based detergent
  • Proteolytic Enzymes: They eat rotten waste inside your bowels

Enzymes, by the way, are proteins that facilitate every single chemical action that occur in your body. Your cells, tissues and organs are ran by enzymes.

Why Aloe Vera Gel Is That Effective In Bowel Cleansing

The saponin scrubs off all the grease, chemicals, and toxins that clog the interior walls of your small intestines. The lignin penetrates deep into your cells and makes it possible for the saponin to scrub off the toxins that managed to get there.

Then the proteases do their job and digest the dead proteins in your bowels.

When you sit on the toilet bowl and do what needs to be done next, the volume of fecal matter makes you wonder, "Where did all that stuff come from?" Well, all those dark brown "dead rats" finally found their way out and...I don't have to describe how they smell like.

In addition, proteases, as they are also called, maximize your immune system. How? Macrophages use proteolytic enzymes to literally digest invaders such as:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Fungi
  • Molds

Some Important Points To Remember

  • The aloe vera I refer here is Aloe Barbadensis Miller
  • Because of its purgative effect, don't drink aloe gel if you are pregnant
  • Before you buy, look for the International Aloe Science Council's seal of approval on the side of the bottle
  • Once you open a bottle, refrigerate it afterward. It oxidizes rapidly if you don't
  • There are only two ways to take aloe vera, orally and topically

Healing Effect

The healing effect I experienced the first time I did this was a slight headache for a couple of days.

By doing bowel cleansing with aloe gel, your cells also get nourished because aloe vera is loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Healthy cells mean healthy tissues, healthy tissues mean healthy organs, healthy organs mean your systems are also healthy. Consequently, your body becomes healthy, too.

And so there it is, bowel cleansing with aloe vera gel is convenient and it is essential to your health.

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