Diabetes Management

Diabetes management is your smart option against adult onset diabetes.

This simply means you focus on the things which are within your control and not worry about diabetes risk factors that are beyond your control.

In other words, focus on diet and exercise.

Focus on Diet and Exercise

Do not worry too much about factors such as, age, family history and your ethnic background.

If a family member has diabetes or if you are obese, consult your doctor and have yourself screened for diabetes.
Obesity is a serious risk factor and it has long been linked to diabetes.

Don't worry about risk factors beyond your control

Doable Diabetes Management

Do Things Within Your Control. Focus on diet and exercise.

There is overwhelming evidence that diet and exercise play major roles in diabetes management.

Today, there are about 57 million people in the USA who have prediabetes.

They show diabetes symptoms but their fasting blood sugar hovers just below the range that will classify them as diabetics.

Sadly, most of these people go about their daily lives not knowing that they have this condition.

It also may not occur to them that doing precautionary measures like exercising and going on a high fiber and low fat diet are essential in avoiding diabetes.

Imagine what will happen if most of these people do not do something about their present condition.

Well, one thing is sure to happen, diabetics in the USA will have a tremendous increase in population.

Diabetes Complications

The thing is, uncontrolled diabetes could lead to something more serious and life-threatening complications.

These include:

  • Diabetic Retinopathy

  • Kidney disease

  • Heart Disease

  • Stroke

And whether you like it or not, these complications will surely affect not only you but your family as well.

I should know. My father had type 2 diabetes. He died from a stroke in December of 2003.

So, there it is, since there is still no cure for diabetes in the horizon, you will just have to settle with good diabetes management and control to live your life as normally as possible.

By the way, here's more information about how to reverse type 2 diabetes.

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