Garlic Pills

Garlic pills nowadays are widely available online to people like you and me. 

They are classified as health supplements.

In ancient times, garlic was mainly used for its medicinal properties. Garlic is one of many natural antibiotics which is used extensively for disease prevention in alternative medicine.

The dietary uses of garlic can be traced back thousands of years.

Today, the market for garlic health supplements is large and people take them as a broad-spectrum therapeutic food.

The Health Benefits of Garlic

    It is highly nutritious
    Powerful antioxidant
    Helps protect your body against free radicals
    Helps convert fats into energy
    It is a natural antibacterial
    It is a natural anti-fungal
    It is a natural anti-parasitic
    It is a natural antiviral

Garlic Enhances Heart Health

Studies showed that garlic helps decrease triglycerides and blood cholesterol levels and increases the levels of high density lipo-protein in your body. It helps significantly against atherosclerosis.

Common Cold and Flu Virus

Garlic helps your body fight against the common cold and the flu virus.
Garlic helps build and improve your body's resistance to infections. It is effective against respiratory infections because it helps your body get rid of excessive mucus.
Studies have shown that garlic health supplements can help boost the function of your immune system.

They protect your body against free radicals.
The health benefits of garlic adds impact to the rebuilding stage of your total body cleanse program.

The active component of garlic is allicin, which is a powerful antibiotic.

Another active compound is ajoene - Its active component scordinin, has vasodilating properties which prevents the formation of plaque.

More Benefits of Garlic Pills

    Garlic is rich in vitamin B6 and it also enhances the absorption of vitamin B1.
    It contains vitamin C
    It contains manganese
    It has calcium
    It has potassium
    It contains magnesium
    It contains zinc

Garlic Is A Rich Source of These Trace Elements

Germanium - A mineral trace element that helps boost your immune system. It also hastens wound healing

Selenium - A trace mineral antioxidant

By the way, the selenium content in garlic provides protection against toxicity from heavy metals such as: Arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury.

Oh, one other thing, this garlic supplement is not only a powerful immune-enhancing agent, but it also helps your metabolism convert fats into energy.
One garlic pill with each meal is the suggested use as a dietary supplement.
And there you have it, better stock some garlic pills in your home. Your health will benefit immensely if you take them regularly.

They are after all, a broad-spectrum therapeutic food.

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