Kidney Cleanse - How Important Is It To You?

How important is a kidney cleanse to you? Here's how important it is.

Your kidneys act as a natural filtration system in your body. They filter out harmful chemicals and other body toxins that otherwise might find their way into your bloodstream and cause blood poisoning.

Kidney Transplant

I once bumped into an acquaintance while I was on an errand for my wife.

He recently had a kidney transplant and at the time we bumped into each other, he had just bought an anti-rejection medicine from a drugstore nearby.

At night, he has to sit for hours with both his feet elevated and rested on the seat of another chair. He explained that this was meant to prevent his body fluids from settling down on his feet because his new kidney did not function fully, yet.

He's one of the lucky few in the sense that he did not wait long to get a transplant.

His nephew donated one of his kidneys in exchange for some cash. If the donor weren't his nephew, the transaction might have been called as a "sale."

Preservatives Contain Toxins

You could avoid all these hassle if you'd just take the time to do some kidney cleansing regularly.

You might have made it a habit to eat canned goods and indulged in alcoholic drinks all these years.

The presence of preservatives in any processed food that you can find and buy in your favorite supermarket contribute heavily in the gradual accumulation of body toxins in your kidneys.

When your urinary system does not function well, dissolved minerals which normally are expelled from your body by the process of urination, tend to settle down and form crystals which morph into kidney stones.

 Kidney Cleanse Methods

  • Watermelon Cleansing - considered as the most popular method in the Western world
  • Juice Fasting - considered as an extreme method by many
  • Water Fasting - A type of fasting wherein the only substance consumed is water
  • Coconut Water Cleansing - Where I come from, this is the most popular and least expensive kidney cleanser

Healthy Kidneys

A pound of prevention is still worth far more than a ton of cure. Do some kidney cleanse and maintain healthy kidneys.

Before it's too late.

Oh by the way, here's another way to prevent kidney infections and improve the function of your kidneys and urinary system.

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