Aloe Vera Drink Tastes So Bad

by Deb

Q. Hi, I've taken this aloe vera drink for the 1st time today and it tastes so bad, is there anything I can do to make it more bearable?

A. Hi Deb,
You know what, the first time I drank aloe vera gel, I felt the same way, too.
So, here's what I did. I placed the bottle of aloe vera gel inside the freezer for about an hour or two.
Then I drank about 1/4 glass of aloe gel (on an empty stomach) after it got cold enough. It felt like I was drinking ice cold beer.
By the way, you did not mention the amount of the aloe gel you drank.

I recommend about 1/2 glass per day. Divide it in two, meaning, drink 1/4 glass on an empty stomach when you wake up in the morning.
Then, drink the other 1/4 glass of ice cold aloe gel just before you sleep at night.

Here are various other ways of taking aloe vera gel. You need a juicer, though, to make these cocktails.

This Is a Blood-Purifying Cocktail with Iron Enrichment

1 cup aloe vera gel
2 bunches grapes or 2 cups grape juice
6 oranges or 2 cups orange juice
8 lemons, peeled or 1 cup lemon juice
2 cups water
1/2 cup Forever Honey

Here's Another Way of Taking Your Aloe Vera Drink

This one helps lower your bad cholesterol levels and cleanse your gastro-intestinal tract

1 cup aloe vera gel
1 apple with skin or 1/2 cup apple juice
1 pineapple, skinned or 1 1/2 cups pineapple juice
2 lemons, peeled or 1/4 cup lemon juice

This Cocktail Serves as a Good Morning Drink with Diuretic Properties

It's best if you drink this on an empty stomach. Take as much as 3-5 glasses of this delicious drink daily.

1 cup aloe gel
3 cups watermelon juice
1/2 cup persian melon juice
1/2 cup honeydew melon juice

By the way, Deb, don't forget to refrigerate the remaining aloe vera gel. This is to prevent oxidation to take place.
And there you have it. Enjoy your aloe vera drink.

Hope this helps,
Edwin K.

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