Aloe Vera Drink that Helps Support Kidney Health

Aloe Vera Drink that Helps Support Kidney Health

This aloe vera drink helps support kidney health.

Not only that. As a matter of fact, Aloe Berry Nectar helps you maintain a healthy urinary system as well.

Your urinary system's role is to cleanse your blood. Your kidneys filter your arterial blood before it circulates back through your body.

Waste products and excess water are passed through your ureters and, from there, to your bladder so they can be excreted as urine.

But, there are instances wherein bacteria invade the urethra, enter the urinary bladder and cause urinary tract infection.

How To Maintain A Healthy Urinary System

Here's why Aloe Berry Nectar helps you maintain a healthy urinary system.

This 100% stabilized aloe vera gel not only provides aloe health benefits, it also adds the health benefits of apple and cranberry.

Apple juice contains an array of flavonoids. It also contains pectin.

Antibacterial Action of Cranberry

Researchers from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute found out in a study that cranberry juice is able to change the thermodynamic properties of bacteria in the urinary tract.

This change creates an energy barrier that prevents bacteria from attaching itself to urinary tract cells.

Simply put, cranberry juice prevents bacteria from causing infection in the urinary system.

Cranberry Health Benefits

  • It contains proanthocyanidins which help your body against helicobacter pylori. It is a gram-negative bacteria that is often associated with stomach ulcers
  • It contains polyphenol antioxidants which help your immune system against free radical damage
  • It helps prevent cystitis
  • Antioxidants in cranberry help reduce the risk of having cardiovascular disease

Kidney Cleanser

The potent blend of aloe vera, apple and cranberry juice makes Aloe Berry Nectar an excellent kidney cleanser. This powerful juice blend helps inhibit the formation of kidney stones.

Aloe Berry Nectar is an excellent kidney cleanser. It inhibits the formation of kidney stones

Other Cranberry Health Benefits

  • It is a natural source of vitamin c
  • It prevents bacteria from adhering to your gums and teeth, thereby inhibiting the formation of dental plaque
  • It is a good source of cyanidin. Cyanidin protects your cells from oxidative damage
  • It contains peonidin which may help inhibit cancer cells
  • It also contains quercetin. Studies show that quercetin may help prevent allergies, asthma, bronchitis, cancer, cataracts, heart disease, inflammation and prostatitis

By the way, Aloe Berry Nectar also helps you maintain a healthy digestive tract.

As I mentioned ealier, this aloe vera drink provides the combined benefits of aloe vera, apple and cranberry to help you maintain not only a healthy kidney and urinary system, but also a healthy digestive system as well.

Note: If you reside in the Philippines, click here for more about Aloe Berry Nectar.

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