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Q. - Is aloe gel an effective appetite suppressant? I'm overweight. Can an aloe internal cleanse help me lose body fat?

A. - No, aloe vera gel is not an appetite suppressant. Let me put it this way, it does help you lose body fat because it contains lipase enzymes.

Lipase breaks down fats in your body.

It also contains proteolytic enzymes which eat up the rotten waste in your colon. I suggest you do some bowel cleansing first before you take any appetite suppressant.

Because of today's convenience foods, one of the reasons you are overweight is a diet which consists of foods that contain fats and hydrogenated oil and with very little or no fiber at all.

Chances are, you are also heavily exposed to fruits and vegetables tainted with pesticides and fungicides.

These toxic substances tend to clog up the inside wall of your small intestines.
By the way, the inside wall around your small intestines contains millions of small fingers called villi.

The villi are covered with cells. The cells absorb the nutrients from food that pass through the villi.

So, when these greasy foods clog up your villi, the cells cannot absorb the nutrients anymore.
You also tend to have a sluggish bowel movement.

An internal cleanse with aloe vera gel unclogs the villi and sweeps these toxic substances out of your system.

It also gets rid of overstaying fecal matter in your colon.

To lose body fat, take this appetite suppressant known as garcinia.

It suppresses your craving for food.

It prevents the conversion of excess carbohydrate calories into body fat.

Another supplement that can help you lose weight safely is nopal extract which is also known as Indian fig and prickly pear. It has the capability to make you lose body fat.

Forever Lean

Take note though, do not take aloe vera gel and garcinia if you are pregnant.

Do not take garcinia if you have kidney or liver disease.

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