Body Toxins

by Ojonugwa Sunday
(Lagos, Nigeria)

Q. How do I get rid of body toxins from harmful chemicals, such as pesticides, from my body/lungs?

A. Hi Ojonugwa,
You asked how you can get rid of body toxins from pesticides. Well, first of all, if your line of work requires you to handle pesticides, the most logical thing to do is to get yourself a more reliable and effective PPEs (aka personal protective equipments) and use them properly.

When you handle pesticides directly, toxic residue can enter your body by way of inhalation and by way of your skin pores.
When they do, a large percentage of these toxins find their way into your kidneys, liver, and your lungs.
These three major organs filter out toxins in the body and expel them by way of excretion.

Unfortunately, your system cannot process these toxins if you are continually exposed to these pollutants.

Here's how to cleanse your lungs with aloe vera.

As you detoxify, you will probably experience any or all of the following:

  • Bad Breath

  • Body Odor

  • Diarrhea

  • Fatigue

  • Headaches

This usually happens when elimination from the kidneys, liver, the lungs and skin is accelerated. Don't worry, it's only temporary.

To keep your body hydrated, drink the equivalent of 6 - 8 glasses of safe, bottled water and unsweetened herbal tea throughout the day.

Hope this helps,
Edwin K.

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