Bronchitis and Smoking

Bronchitis and smoking are often associated with each other.

When you smoke, your bronchial tubes get irritated and it happens each time you take a puff on that cigarette.

Eventually, their resistance get lower and lower. This makes your throat and bronchial tubes vulnerable to an array of bacteria and viruses that you happen to breathe in.

What Is Bronchitis

When you get sidetracked with acute bronchitis, it almost always starts with a sore throat. It may also be accompanied by the flu.

It is characterized by swelling and inflammation of the bronchi.

Causes Of Bronchitis

Acute bronchitis

  • It is more often caused by a viral infection, particularly the influenza virus
  • It may also be caused by bacteria
  • Dust
  • Smoke and industrial fumes

It Feels Like Drowning

When I was still employed in a copper smelting firm, there were times that I accidentally inhaled SO2 gas (sulfur dioxide). It brought on a feeling of tightness in my chest and a difficulty in breathing.

I felt like I was drowning.

One time that it happened, I assumed that it was an asthma attack since I'm asthmatic.

I recovered a couple of days later. But when I glanced at my medical record as I was given my fit-to-work note, It indicated "acute bronchitis."

Salbutamol Inhaler

I later solved these accidental SO2 gas inhalations by bringing along a salbutamol inhaler whenever I went on duty. (With my doctor's permission, of course)

Chronic bronchitis is characterized by a recurring cough with excessive phlegm and it lasts for months. If you have chronic bronchitis, you are more susceptible to bacterial infection such as pneumonia.

Bronchitis and Smoking

Bronchitis and smoking go hand in hand. Bronchitis is just one of the many effects of smoking. Studies show that those who suffer from this disease are smokers, have a history of smoking or are constantly exposed to second hand smoke.

Prevent Bronchitis

  • Avoid irritants that can trigger inflammation in your bronchial tubes
  • Have a periodic lung cleanse
  • Take antioxidants to boost your immune system

Now that you know that bronchitis and smoking are closely related, maybe it's time to gradually stop smoking.

Here's additional information about factors that increase the risk of having bronchitis.

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