Chelated Calcium Prevents Weakened Bones

Chelated Calcium Prevents Weakened Bones

Chelated calcium supplements help prevent weakened bones. It is in your best interest to take preventive measures in preventing osteoporosis.

Peak Bone Mass

Prepare now while you're still a long way from reaching menopause age.

You had already reached your peak bone mass when you were still in your teen years. It was also during this period that you had maximized the calcium storage in your bones.

As you read this sentence, the bone calcium in your body is in the process of decreasing.

It has been that way since you entered young adulthood.

Risk Of Bone Injuries

On top of that, you are at a greater risk of having bone injuries later in life. Your risk of bone injuries double if you happen to be among the millions of people around the world who are affected by lactose intolerance.

This means that your body is unable to digest foods that contain lactose easily. In other words, you lack lactase enzymes that are needed to break down lactose into glucose and galactose.

Calcium is vitally important in order for you to have strong bones and teeth. If you have inadequate amounts of calcium in your bloodstream, your body simply takes the calcium it needs from your bones.

By the way, 99% of the calcium in your body took up residence in your bones and teeth. That is why you have to compensate by taking chelated calcium supplements daily.

Benefits Of Calcium

  • It lowers your risk of developing osteoporosis
  • It lowers your ldl bad cholesterol levels
  • It increases your hdl good cholesterol levels
  • It helps prevent hypertension
  • It helps your muscles function properly
  • It plays a vital role in transmitting nerve messages
  • It activates certain digestive enzymes
  • It helps nourish your body's cells
  • It helps release hormones such as insulin
  • It encourages your body to burn more fat

Certain calcium supplements dissolve in the stomach easily and are absorbed efficiently.

A New Form Of Calcium

With the more than 50 million lactose intolerant people around the world in mind, Forever Living Products created a new and improved calcium formula that provides your body with 100% of its daily-recommended dietary intake of calcium.

Forever Calcium, now uses Di-Calcium malate, a new form of calcium which optimizes bone building because it stays longer in the blood stream.

It does not interfere with the stomach's natural PH balance.

Here's why Forever Calcium is efficiently absorbed in your body.

Its 1000mg of calcium is combined with vitamin d and magnesium. These two elements are essential for maximizing the absorption of calcium.

To effectively get the calcium you need to achieve good bone health, take 2 dietary calcium tablets with breakfast, then two more with dinner.

And there it is, act now and prevent osteoporosis and other calcium deficiency-related ailments later.

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