Colon Cleansing

Q. - I have an average bowel movement of 4 times in one week. My office mates say this is not normal. They say I need some colon cleansing. Is this true? Can aloe vera help me have a normal bowel movement? How many times is normal?

A. - Your office mates say that you need some colon cleansing. This only shows that they are concerned about your health.

I agree with them. You need a colon cleanse.

People think that a normal bowel movement should be done daily.

Once a day is considered 'normal.'

But consider this - you eat your meals thrice a day, right?
Your food intake of 3x a day and your bowel movement of around 4x in one week can only mean bad news.
This could lead to health problems later on.

I say if you can do it 3x a day, then do it.

If you frequently experience any of these:

  • Get tired easily

  • Headache

  • Indigestion

  • Low energy

  • Low sex drive, etc.

Your body may be telling you in a subtle way that you need to make some adjustments to your toilet habit.

And, regarding aloe vera, yes it can help.

A periodic bowel cleansing with aloe vera gel can do you some good.

Hope this helps.

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