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Q ) Is aloe effective in taking care of colon problems and in reducing acidity ?

I am a research consultant in HRM and 72 years of age. I have read a lot about the utility of the medicinal plant aloe vera. I have developed a small garden of aloe in my premises.

I want to be sure whether I am on the right path or not?

I have been taking fresh aloe vera every day in the morning followed by warm water. This has controlled my IBS to a large extent.

But I have developed a bad throat and burning sensation in the back below left scapula and sometimes on the lower descending colon (back side).

I have lost weight by 10 Kgs, Now I look not slim but thin.

I have good appetite and evacuation is also normal. Previously I had bleeding piles . The same is under control now.

I have sound sleep at night. I sometimes take a nap after lunch. I do yoga also after seeing on TV (Swami Ramdeo's lessons _ Kapalbhanti and Anulom Bilom)

My weight loss has worried my wife. What should I do?

Should I continue taking aloe or stop it?

Also I want to know if taking aloe for a long time has any adverse side effect?

A ) You asked, "Is aloe effective in taking care of colon problems and in reducing acidity?"

You did not specify what specie of aloe vera you are taking. There are over 200 species of aloe vera and not all of them can be safely taken internally.

Some species of aloe are not edible and can even become harmful to your health if you take them internally.

If the plant currently in your garden is not Aloe Barbadensis Miller, I suggest you plant this specie instead. It is effective in cleansing your colon.

What I say here is not meant to replace the advice of your family doctor.

I have to stress the importance of consulting your family doctor regarding your present situation. Let him know about your condition and that you are taking fresh aloe vera.

Let me be specific. Taking Aloe Barbadensis Miller for a long time has no adverse effects as long as the user is not pregnant or lactating in the first place.

Aloe vera contains lipase enzymes which help break down fats in your body.

So, in your case, stop taking fresh aloe vera for now and go see your doctor.

Irritable bowel syndrome is highly influenced by anger, anxiety, depression, emotions, guilt feelings, and nervousness.

Here's what Dr. Nonoy Puaso, a Naturopathic Specialist, recommends for IBS:

Aloe vera gel....................................1/2 cup once daily

Fields of Greens..............................3 tabs 3x a day

Bee Propolis

Lycium Plus

Aloe vera gel works synergistically with the ones I mentioned above.

In addition, increase the population of friendly bacteria in your gut. I suggest you take probiotic supplements.

Hope this helps.

Edwin K.

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