Fasting - Important Step in Natural Body Cleansing

Fasting is an important step when you do an internal cleanse. It is considered the oldest remedy for the prevention of many diseases and for restoring one's health.

Healing Method Since Ancient Times

It has been practiced by countless generations since ancient times. It is a healing method which is founded on the principle that the accumulation of toxins is responsible for many illnesses.

When your food intake is temporarily stopped, your body is given a break from the burden of digestion. Your body now has the chance to heal and restore itself.

Studies Show Fasting has Many Health Benefits

  1. It reduces your risk of getting colon cancer
  2. It slows down your aging process
  3. It increases your maximum lifespan if you also reduce your caloric intake
  4. It makes you more resistant to stress
  5. You lose weight

Doing this activity for a prolonged period however, can pose serious health problems for you and you may be headed for trouble if you don't do it properly. So, be prudent enough and consult a physician or a qualified dietitian before you start.

Side effects can vary, it includes:

  • Fainting
  • Hunger
  • Vomiting
  • Kidney Problems
  • Diarrhea

Call Your Doctor Immediately When This Happens

If any of the symptoms such as diarrhea, worsens, you should stop and immediately call your doctor. Do it as soon as possible because diarrhea can lead to electrolyte loss and dehydration.

Toxins such as drugs can destroy beneficial bacteria such as acidophilus and bifidus. This allows harmful bacteria to multiply and dominate and produce byproducts such as:

  • Purine
  • Ethionine
  • Ammonia

Beneficial bacteria can be depleted because of the absence of food that they thrive on. This is where probiotic supplements can be of great help.

There are many such products in liquid and capsulized gel form available in the market today. Take some of these supplements so that the population of beneficial bacteria in your colon will be back in large numbers.

Like I said, before you do it, please consult your doctor first.

And there you have it.

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