Gout Pain Treatment

Gout pain treatment. It's just what you need when you feel a sudden, excruciating pain in your big toe at the slightest touch.

One of the gout symptoms that can bother and bring much discomfort is the swelling of your big toe joint.

This might come as a bit of a surprise, because you probably thought this could not happen to you. You probably thought that only men, and not women like you, are likely to develop gout.

Well, the intense pain in your big toe proves that you, too, are vulnerable to a gout attack.

Gout usually affects the joints of your big toe initially.

Gout Foot Pain Can Also Affect Other Parts Of Your Foot

  • Your ankles
  • Your heels
  • Your insteps

A friend of mine has got his on his knees and elbows.

The accumulation of uric acid in your body may be attributed to your diet. You may have been eating foods that are rich in purine.

Purines Are Nitrogen-Containing Compounds In Foods

Purines are nitrogen-containing compounds in foods such as the heart, liver and other internal organs of farm animals. They break down into uric acid.

Normally, uric acid passes through your kidneys and out of your body when you urinate. Sometimes though, because the level of uric acid is just too much for your kidneys to handle, it forms crystals that accumulate in and around your joints.

And that's how you get gout.

A gout attack may be triggered by too much alcohol consumption or by diuretics and certain medications.

You're Likely To Have Gout If You Have Any Of These Risk Factors

  • You eat too much red meat which happen to have high levels of purine
  • You've been through menopause
  • You have high blood pressure
  • You have an injury
  • You got kidney disease
  • You have a family member with gout
  • You are obese

If You Have These Other Gout Symptoms

  • Intense joint pain
  • Lumps beneath the skin of the affected area
  • Mild fever

Go seek the advice of your doctor.

Gout Pain Treatment

Due to the nature of the disease and how it disrupts your sleep at night, an effective treatment is your first priority.

A gout pain treatment that contains chondroitin, glucosamine and MSM (methylsulfunylmethane) can provide much-needed relief.

One factor that can aid greatly in gout pain relief is by avoiding purine-rich foods.

Avoid These Purine-Rich Foods

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Gravies
  • Legumes
  • Internal organs of animals
  • Meat extracts

It helps if you eat tofu instead of red meat.

A word of caution. Do not take your gout for granted. If you leave it untreated, it could deform any of your joints or it could lead to kidney damage or death.

Don't take NSAIDs without your doctor's prescription. These pain killers have been known to cause ulcers and internal bleeding.

This Helps Alleviate The Pain

By the way, this orange-flavored aloe vera drink known as Forever Freedom (opens new window) can help alleviate the pain.

And so there you have it, sleep well at night after taking your gout pain treatment.

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