High Blood Pressure

by Tony Mundell
(Port Elizabeth South Africa)

"My wife and I are very young 72 and 70 year olds.
I am on high blood pressure medication (Prexum) and anti- diabetic medication as well (Metformin). We both consume a large amount (3 large cloves each) of garlic each and every morning.

As a youngster brought up on a farm, all our animals had aloe in their drinking water and a vet was never heard of.

Would we benefit by adding the aloe vera to our daily health diet?

Also as a youngster in King Williams Town in South Africa, probably around 1945, small round pills were made by a Chemist owned by a Mr Beecham, and called Beecham's Pills.

Every man and his dog would purchase these and they helped for almost any ailment you might have."

Thank you,

Tony Mundell

Hi Tony,

You say that you're on high blood pressure medication. You also mention that you are taking anti-diabetic medication, too.

And both you and your wife each take 3 large cloves of garlic every morning. I assume that you eat them raw. Garlic has long been used as alternative treatment for high blood pressure.

But my goodness, how do you deal with the aftertaste? It must be very hard on your taste buds first time you did it.

I have good news Tony, you and your wife would greatly benefit by adding aloe vera to your daily diet.

For one thing, it contains vitamin b12 which helps you maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Another thing is that Aloe vera contains 200 bioactive nutrients.

Its fiber controls the absorption of glucose in your gut and it helps your pancreas regulate insulin secretions.

In other words, it helps fight against type 2 diabetes. If you had only taken aloe gel regularly years ago, it might have helped you in avoiding diabetes.

Be sure that what you consume is Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller.
There are over 200 species of aloe vera and some species are not edible and might be hazardous to your health if you try to take them orally.

Don't include the green outer leaf if your intention is to consume fresh aloe vera from your garden.
It's because it has no nutritional value.

If I were you, I'd avoid the hassle of preparing my own aloe vera gel.
Aloe vera gel is available in plastic 1 liter bottles and you can buy aloe vera gel online.

A word of caution, though.
See to it that the aloe vera gel you purchase has the International Aloe Science Council's seal of approval printed and clearly visible on the side of the bottle.

Just shake the bottle vigorously before you open it.
One of the benefits of aloe vera gel is it sweeps toxins out from your body.

I suggest you drink 1/4 glass aloe vera gel on an empty stomach, say, 30 minutes before you take your breakfast.

And another 1/4 glass-full shortly before you go to bed at night.
It's more convenient, right?
Don't forget to refrigerate it once you open a bottle of aloe vera gel.

By the way, what if I say that it is now possible to buy garlic in pill form? Interesting?
You bet it is.
You don't have to put up with the aftertaste anymore. Take a garlic pill instead of your usual consumption of 3 cloves.

Garlic pills are more convenient to take and besides, they have no aftertaste.

Simply put, drinking aloe vera gel regularly in combination with garlic pill supplements will be a great help against high blood pressure and against diabetes.

Oh, before I forget. Beecham's pills were actually a laxative. They were first marketed as a cure-all. They probably were more effective than other remedies at the time.

This is probably why "every man and his dog" purchased the pills during the time when you were still a youngster.

The pills contained aloe, combined with ginger, among other ingredients, according to Wikipedia

Hope this helps,

Edwin K.

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The cleaner
by: Anonymous

The cleaner is a detox pill form I bought from a health store the vitamin shop. It's a seven day detox. Can I take this with blood pressure medicine?

This is the first time I heard about that detox pill.
Be safe.
Consult your family doctor before you take any form of detox.

Edwin K.

Acid reflux/gerd@ulcer question
by: Anonymous

I would like to know if wilde gansies or aloe vera gel will be able to cure my acid reflux or gerd. I am taking omeprazole now for 2 years. It helped at first but doesnt seem to help anymore. I heard people say that they used wilde gansies for stomach problems in the olden days. Please advise me. Ayesha

Hi Ayesha, this is the first time I heard about "wilde gansies." And because my knowledge of wilde gansies is absolutely zero, I cannot tell you whether it can cure acid reflux or not.
However, regarding aloe vera gel, please click here for more information: Acid Reflux Remedy
Bear in mind that the information in that article is not intended to replace the advice of your family doctor.
Hope this helps,

Edwin K.

by: Tony Mundell

Edwin K.

Hi Edwin
Thank you for the interesting reply – will try Aloe Vera. What I forgot to mention is that I also take a wine glass full of Sutherlandia Microphylla each morning (it has many other names such as cancer bush, wilde gansie, kanker bos etc. I don’t know if you are familiar with it but like the garlic I have been taking it for many years.
Getting back to the garlic – each morning I have two toasted slices of health bread – on this I spread a generous amount of peanut butter – my garlic sliced – and raw ginger. This is not a case of “oh must we have garlic again this morning” it is our breakfast and with a cup of black tea would’nt change it for anything else. The aftertaste or aftersmell has never worried us – it worries others, but the fact that my wife and I have not had influenza or any other sickness for years counts.

Tony Mundell

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