Juice Cleanse

by robert

Q. I recently smoked 1g of weed (about 6 days ago) and am expecting a urine test within the next week.
I hadn't smoked for about 3 months prior and am 5'6" 154lbs frequently active.
Jogging, working out, sweating on a fairly consistent basis.
I am just curious when and if I will be able to pass a urine screening for THC.

A. Hi Robert, You need a juice cleanse.
You said you smoked weed and that you are expecting a urine test within the next week.

As far as I know, this is the first time I got asked this kind of question. When I was still quite active in the off-line world doing product demos, I don't remember being asked this question.

Maybe it's because of the fact that I sought out people with diabetes, arthritis as well as people with cholesterol problems.

So, in your case, I recommend Dr. Nonoy Puaso's 24-hour juice cleanse.
Dr. Puaso is a Naturopathic Specialist and he happens to be a friend of mine.
Take note, by the way, there are no guarantees that your problem will be solved within the next week.

24-Hour Juice Cleanse

The night before you take your juice fast, eat a small portion of fresh green salad with lemon and olive oil dressing.

Early in the morning when you wake up, squeeze 2 lemons on a glass of water.
Then, add one tablespoon of honey and drink it. Honey provides your body with plenty of nutrients.

Remember, you're no longer taking any solid food as the juice cleanse progresses along.

For breakfast, drink 1 cup of Forever Aloe Berry Nectar.

Around 10:00am, drink 1 glass of Forever Aloe Blossom Tea.

At lunch time, drink 1/2 cup of aloe berry nectar and 1/2 glass of fresh apple juice.

By the way, aside from aloe vera gel, Forever Aloe Berry Nectar also provides you with the benefits of cranberry and apple.

Cranberries are a natural source of vitamin c and proanthocyanidins. Proanthocyanidins act as anti-cancer and anti-allergic agents.

Cranberries also have a reputation as an excellent urinary tract cleanser.

Apple juice contains various flavonoids and pectin.

Together, they work in synergy to protect your kidneys.

A few hours before dinner, drink another glass of aloe blossom tea.

At dinner time, drink another 1/2 cup of aloe berry nectar and this time, drink 1/2 glass of pineapple juice.

Finally, before you go off to bed for the night, drink another glass of Aloe Blossom Herbal Tea.

Hope this juice cleanse helps.

Edwin K.

As much as possible, avoid sodas and artificial drinks. To help keep your body hydrated and also help in flushing out toxins, drink 6 - 8 glasses of safe bottled water throughout the day.

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