Peripheral Artery Disease

by Ella Moore
(Phoenix, Az.)

Q. "My husband was diagnosed with peripheral artery disease. He isn't "supposed" to have red meat, and he is bored with chicken and fish all the time.

Just about everything in the marketplace has some amounts of cholesterol in it...

Can you give us some good advise as to what other things would be good and healthy? Please help? Thanks a million."
- Ella Moore

A. Hi Ella, let him eat vegetables, too, so he won't get bored with eating chicken and fish.

A diagnosis of peripheral artery disease means there's a problem with the blood flow in the arteries that transport blood to a person's extremities.

A common cause of PAD is the build up of plaque in these arteries.

Your husband probably almost always complains of pain in his calves and thighs after he has walked for about a block or two. It must be a very painful experience for him.

This kind of pain is called claudication.

It happens because there's not enough blood flow to the muscles that he actively uses.
Did your family doctor order a test to check the blood flow in his arms and legs?

You asked about what other things would be good and healthy for your husband.
Well, tell your husband to stay away from cigarettes.

A healthy diet and a regular exercise can do a lot of help.
It is also very important to manage his cholesterol levels as well as his blood sugar levels.
Make sure that his blood pressure goes down, too.

By the way, tell him not to indulge in self-medication. Always follow your family doctor's advise.

In addition, I'd like to share with you these five keys to optimal health

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Diet

Regular Check-ups

Positive Mental Attitude

Optimal Nutrition

These 4 supplements can help both of you attain optimal health

1. Aloe vera gel - It cleanses as well as nourishes your system

2. Forever Bee Pollen - It helps boost endurance and strength

3. Forever Arctic Sea - It dissolves the fatty deposits that tend to clog your arteries

4. Forever Argi + - This supplemental blend contains antioxidants and l-arginine which is an amino acid that supports cardiovascular health, immune system health, etc.

Like I said, always follow your doctor's advise. Let him know about the supplements I just mentioned.

Lastly, take a look at the video in this page.

Hope this helps,
Edwin K.

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