Safe Bottled Water - Drink Plenty as You Detoxify Your Body

Safe bottled water is what you would probably prefer to drink when you are thirsty. Drink plenty of it as you detoxify your body.

Your Body Is 70% Water

Your body is composed of 70% water. Every organ, every single tissue and every single cell in your body needs water to function properly.

Imagine what could happen if you eat your meals without drinking any would probably choke, right?

Safe Bottled Water

Today, safe bottled water is already a part of our day to day lives. And whether you are aware of it or not, water is a key player in your total body cleanse.

Imagine what a colonic irrigation could become without any water.

Check Your Kitchen Faucet's Removable Filter

Of course, if you prefer, you can drink plenty of plain tap water together with your colon cleanser as you detoxify your body.

The faucet in your kitchen probably has a removable filter.

Take it off.

What do you see? Those tiny particles that got trapped inside the filter look like rust or sand, don't they?

But what about those that are invisible to the naked eye? That is why I prefer to drink safe bottled water.

Water Health Benefits

  • Water makes your lungs moist so that you can breathe easily
  • Serum, which is largely made of water, makes your blood cells float freely
  • Water supplies the fluid that your digestive tract needs to process the food you eat
  • It helps your kidneys eliminate impurities by way of the urine they produce
  • It cools down your body by way of perspiration
  • It lubricates your eyes
  • It moistens your mouth
  • It helps expel the toxins in your system when you detoxify your body

So what's the bottomline? Whether you prefer bottled drinking water or plain tap water, drink as much as you can per day.

Make it a habit to drink, at the very least, eight glasses of water daily. It's good for your health.

You'll know when you are drinking adequate amounts of water per day when your urine looks pale in color.

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