Severe Adult Acne and Natural Antibiotics

Severe adult acne can cause the individual sufferer to lead a miserable social life.

It can also result in having a low self-esteem aside from having bouts of depression.

The good news is, it is possible to treat it successfully with natural antibiotics.

Although acne is a by-product of having hormonal changes in the body during puberty, it can come back later to hound you once again in your adult life.

Severe Adult Acne Causes

Whether you like it or not, women are more susceptible to adult acne than are men.

These are a few of the factors that lead to hormonal changes which is why you have acne more frequently than your male partner.

  • Taking birth control pills
  • Taking corticosteroids
  • Having menstruation
  • Pregnancy

Another factor that can cause this severe condition is the constant use of cosmetics that clog your skin pores especially if you have oily skin.

Ordinarily, acne only produces whiteheads and blackheads.

Comedones form the initial lumps. If these comedones are open at the surface of your skin, they are called blackheads. If they are closed, they are called whiteheads.

And they are composed of oil secretions and skin cells. Plugged follicles could rupture internally and discharge into the surrounding tissues.

Infection could then set in and this results into severe adult acne.

Meanwhile, the presence of painful acne pustules on the face is enough to trigger bouts of depression.

Treating Adult Acne

There are many advanced medications available to you today if you are suffering from adult acne. However, some prescription drugs for severe cases of adult acne have serious side effects.

These drugs may cause birth defects.

Ask your doctor about the advantages as well as the disadvantages of taking these prescription drugs.

By the way, although some over-the-counter topical medications that contain salicylic acid or retinol may be helpful, still, you have to let your doctor know before you apply them.

Alternative Remedy for Severe Adult Acne

Taking this alternative remedy in treating adult acne begins with an internal cleanse using aloe vera gel.

Here's why.

Aloe vera gel is a natural cleanser. It helps cleanse the affected area and is very helpful in reducing the inflammation of the acne pustules.

Aloe vera is more effective when it is used in combination with other natural antibiotics.

Why? It's because it makes them get readily absorbed into your system through the small intestines.

Oral Acne Treatment

  • Aloe vera gel......1/2 cup once a day ( natural cleanser )
  • Bee propolis.......2 tabs 3x a day ( natural antibiotic )
  • NatureMin..........2 tabs 3x a day ( contains zinc & selenium for the immune system)
  • Garlic thyme......2 caps 3x a day ( natural antibiotic )
  • Absorbent C......1 tab 3x a day (antioxidant, boosts the immune system)

Note: Don't drink aloe vera gel if you are pregnant.

Topical Acne Treatment

  • Aloe liquid soap............2x a day (antiseptic)
  • Aloe propolis cream......3x a day (cleansing cream)
  • Aloe bed time (eliminates damaged skin)

A family friend who used to suffer from severe adult acne followed this regimen and she got healed in about 2 months' time.

A final note: Like I said before, you have to let your doctor know if you want to follow this alternative acne remedy.

There you have it.

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