Skin Discoloration and Aloe Vera

by Meghan

Q. - I have lighter skin patches on both sides of my temple, will Aloe help to even out the skin tone (note: I'm African-American). Does Aloe Vera work on chemically damaged skin and does it help even out skin tone? And of course how long will it take to even out?

A. - Hi Meghan, I honestly don't know if aloe vera works on chemically-damaged skin.

There's a wide variety of chemicals that can damage one's skin.

There are also other factors to contend with, such as, the nature of the chemical and the extent of the damage.

Seek your dermatologist's advice on what is best.

Regarding the light skin patches on both sides of your temple however, I recommend Aloe Sunless Tanning Lotion manufactured by Foreverliving Products.

For best results, wash your face before you apply the tanning lotion.

Apply a thin, even coat on the affected area every 4-5 hours until the skin tone evens out.

Reapply the lotion on the affected area daily or as needed.

By the way, wash your hands immediately after applying the lotion to avoid staining your palms.

Hope this helps.

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