Swollen Ankles

by Sita Ram Jaiswal
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Q) My wife is suffering from high BP 130/80.
She has been prescribed amlodipine ( 5 mg ) and Losartan Potassium & hydrochlorothiazide (Omnitan-H) one tab daily.

After taking this medication for 14 days or so, her blood pressure which was 190/110, has come down to 130/80 but both her feet and ankles have swollen (edema).

Can aloe vera be used in such a condition to stimulate the contraction of the blood vessels and for lessening the swelling?

Her heart rate is 72/min and her face puffy.
She has become irritated also. She is 62 years old.

A) You asked, "Can aloe vera be used to stimulate the contraction of the blood vessels and for lessening the swelling?"

Yes, she can take aloe vera gel, but you have to ask her doctor's permission, of course.

Aloe vera gel is a food supplement.
Aside from its anti-inflammatory properties, it also has around 200 bioactive nutrients.

The fiber in aloe vera helps reduce blood sugar levels because it controls the absorption of glucose in the stomach.

Ask her doctor, too, about coenzyme q10.
Aloe vera gel works in synergy with coenzyme q10 (more commonly known as CoQ10) and fish oil against coronary heart disease.

Don't take your wife's swollen ankles and feet lightly.

By the way, I'm sure your family doctor must have warned her about this, so as a friendly reminder - don't let your wife eat too many fatty and salty foods.

Let her exercise more often and it's a lot better if you take a brisk walk with her.

Maybe that will make her less irritable.

And finally, heed your doctor's advice.

Hope this helps,

Edwin K.

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by: Anonymous

I came off this three days ago as I developed awful pains.

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