Symptoms of Yeast Infection

Q. What makes aloe vera gel effective against symptoms of yeast infection? Can it relieve the inflammation and itch in my genitals?

A. Aloe vera gel is effective against symptoms of yeast infection because it contains anthraquinone complex.

Anthraquinone is a powerful anti-fungal.

Inflammation and intense itching in the genital area are two symptoms of candidiasis.

Yes, aloe gel can relieve the inflammation in your genitals because of the anti-inflammatory properties of anthraquinones, prostaglandins, salicylic acid and sterols in aloe vera.

I recommend a combined approach to your candida infection problem.

aloe vera gel...........1/2 cup once a day (preferably 30 minutes before meals)

vitamin c tablets.......2 tablets once a day

bee propolis.............2 tablets 3x a day

Apply these topically on the affected area:

aloe activator...........3x a day

aloe vera gelly...........3x a day

aloe propolis cream....3x a day

Take probiotic supplements, too. It is important to repopulate your gastrointestinal tract with friendly bacteria to check the population of candida albicans.

note: Do not drink aloe vera gel if you are pregnant

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