Tricuspid Regurgitation

by Barbara

Q Hi...I have tricuspid regurgitation and type 2 diabetes. The medication I am on is: gliclazide, simvastatin, beta blocker and aspirin.
Is it okay to have aloe vera to cleanse my colon and help with weight loss? I am due to have an operation for a gigantic incisional hernia in tummy and it has to be another open surgery to put mesh in after having operation to remove my womb and all other attachments for cancer in 2011.
Thank you for your help,

A Hi Barbara,
You mentioned that you have tricuspid regurgitation and you also have type 2 diabetes. You asked if it is okay to cleanse your colon with aloe vera and help you lose weight.
You also mentioned that you are scheduled to be operated upon for incisional hernia in the tummy.

As far as I know, although aloe gel is an excellent colon cleanser, it is categorized as a food supplement.

It is an excellent nourisher, too - it contains more than 200 bioactive nutrients.

Still, I have to stress that you have to let your doctor know about your intention to use aloe vera gel.
Tricuspid insufficiency is a rare condition. Be aware though, that it puts you at a great risk
for endocarditis.

Observe good oral hygiene. Take good care of your gums and teeth to avoid streptococcal infections.

You might like to ask your doctor about coq10 supplements. Coenzyme q10 supplementation can do wonders for your heart.
Regarding your type 2 diabetes, aloe vera gel enhances your metabolism and helps your pancreas
regulate insulin secretions.

And now for a friendly reminder. Always keep in mind that before you undergo any kind of surgery, tell your surgeon about all the prescription drugs, herbal products, and food supplements you currently take or about to take.

Hope this helps,
Edwin K.

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